I am a BACP Senior Accredited Practitioner in Supervision

Counselling is a very demanding profession, practicing as a counsellor can drain your
inner resources, consume your energies and raise questions that you need to explore. In
recognition of this BACP requires counsellors and psychotherapists to have a minimum of
one and a half hours of clinical supervision per month.

I offer clinical supervision to counsellors, psychotherapists and other helping professionals,
such as social workers, support workers and community workers. I also offer supervision of

As a supervisor, I have considerable experience working with trainee and newly qualified
counsellors, as well as with experienced and accredited practitioners. Many of my
supervisees work with children and young people and require a supervisor who has
experience of working with this client group.

In addition, as I have extensive experience of working both in private practice and in
counselling organisations both as a counsellor and as a manager of a counselling service,
I understand the complexities and differences of counselling practice in both areas from
the different perspectives of counsellor and service manager.

I  have experience of  supporting supervisees through the BACP Accreditation process.

Similar to therapy, supervision is a contracted, professional relationship. As a supervisor,
I see my primary goal being to improve the quality of the work that my supervisee is
undertaking with their clients or supervisees. Quality supervision should provide a safe space
for the therapist to step back and look at the therapeutic relationship between them and their
client or supervisee.

For this to happen, I believe there needs to be solid supervisory relationship where the
therapist feels supported, safe and is able to take risks. Overall, I believe supervision should
be a stimulating, motivational process in which challenge and reflection are very much a part.

My aim as a supervisor is to promote the competence and creativity of my supervisee in a
non-judgmental way, to enable the supervisee to grow and develop into the most effective
therapist or supervisor they can be, to enable them to work skilfully and ethically with their
clients or supervisees and importantly to develop their own therapeutic or supervisory style.

Overall, supervision should also ensure a duty of care to the supervisee and their clients,
ensuring the maintenance of ethical and legal practice, as well as the continued professional
development of the supervisee.

Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more about me and my supervisory practice.
Initially I would suggest that we meet for one hour to see if we feel we are a good fit as
supervisor and supervisee. I do not charge for this initial session.