Info for Parents & Carers

It is important that your child feels free to talk about the experiences that may be troubling or confusing then. Therefore, it is important your child feels that you are giving your approval for them to talk me.

I understand you may feel worried about what your child is talking to me about. However, you should bear in mind that I am bound by BACP’s Ethical Framework for Good Practice for the Counselling Professions, for more information see the BACP website, which contains guidance to counsellors about honouring client confidentiality. Please remember I am not going to judge you or anyone else in your child’s life.

The counselling relationship is very private and personal and each child will respond differently. Some children may wish to talk about their counselling sessions while others, especially teenagers, may wish to keep the content of the sessions to private. It is important that you are guided by your child.

There may be times when your child seems upset following a counselling session and this may be because they have been talking about painful feelings. Showing sensitivity to their distress, while also respecting their right to privacy is difficult for parents and carers, but important in supporting your child and their counselling process.

It is natural that you will want to know how your child is getting on in their counselling and it may be possible for us to arrange to meet to review your child’s progress. I will only do this with your child’s consent and they will know what is to be discussed or may also attend the review session. Again it is important to remember I will have agreed a confidential relationship with your child and have an ethical duty to stick to this.

The only very rare exception to this would be if I thought your child was at serious risk of harming themselves or others.


The time period for counselling will be discussed and usually decided on during the initial assessment session, this may be a short fixed-term period such as six or 12 weeks or more open-ended continuing to until the client feels ready to end.

Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more about me and my work with children and young people.